Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, it is that time of year again!!! Almost Christmas!! Yippee! (well maybe)

I have found out that Christmas was so much more fun as a kid. Anybody know what I mean?

All kids have to worry about is if they get what they asked for from Santa and well the parents have countless things to worry about like......

What am I going to cook for the 1,2,-10 places we have to go for Christmas.

Go grocery shopping the whole month of December for things you have to cook. (and still forget some ingredients and realize it on Christmas day when the store is closed)

Have I remembered to get everyone a gift that is on my list? (oh, how embarrassing that is to forget)

Playing Santa Clause.

Don't buy too much for the kids or they will be spoiled but don't buy too little or they will be disappointed.

Shopping and shopping for things that are on the kids list.(even though they won't play with it after Christmas)

Who is going to be mad at who this Christmas.

Having to go to family gatherings and talk to people you only see once a year and act like you are the happiest person ever and have the most perfect life. (I don't do that! :))

Fighting with your husband because he just don't understand what we as women go through during the holidays. All he thinks has to be done is just get ready and go 10 minutes before time to be there. I told him a couple of weeks ago that this year I was not going to be a scrooge. I told him in so many words that it is his fault that I am a big _ _ _ _ _ during the holidays. If I didn't have to tell him when to get ready,to turn that dern TV off so he can acknowledge that I am speaking, to help dress the two kids we made together,to not wash the car as we are walking out the door or any other thing that has needed to be done for weeks. ( he does that all the time, when we have somewhere to be is when he decides to do something.) That kills me. OK, enough already. I didn't mean for this blog to be bash husband day. LOL

It may just be me but the holidays can be really stressful. I have told myself, this year I am going to be better and not let things get to me. We'll see.

Back to Santa Clause..... This year we are really into playing Santa Clause up. With girls 5 and 2 they are really believing and wishing hard. Alayna has already wrote 3 letters to Santa. Because she will not sit in Santas lap. She was so excited this year because she knows how to write and does not have to go see Santa. She thinks she can write as many as she wants because her daddy delivers the mail and can send it straight to Santa. She is finding new stuff everyday she wants and will ask if she can write Santa another letter. I say sure, its not too late. Dwayne is loving it because he is having to find somewhere to hide the letters.

Santa Clause has really paid off when it comes to Aubree. She has been doing #1 in the potty for a long time but when it comes to #2 she would still want to go in a pull up. (why I don't know)
She was up at her Maw Maw's one day and she told her that if she would do #2 in the potty that Santa would bring her a baby doll. So, I kept it going at home and it has worked. It has been 3 weeks and she is still pull up free. A little bribery is not so bad!

I have always believed that Christmas is not about giving gifts and I try not to get caught up in all the "gotta give the best gift thing". After all it is Jesus' s Birthday!!!!
Giving gifts can turn into something Christmas is not even about. It can be so stressful that you can't even enjoy spending time with people you love.
My goal this year is to do everything I do out of true genuine love from my heart and not just because it is the thing to do.

I know, I sound like I don't enjoy Christmas. I really do. I love for it to come and I am glad when it is gone.

Oh and I must say..... Merry Christmas!!!! LOL (I do mean it)


Cheryl said...

I just know your girls are going to have a wonderful Christmas because you are the kind of Mom to make it memorable for them!! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I believe it is satans plan to get us all stressed out and dread the holidays. I have vowed to take it one day at a time and to focus on giving, not just gifts, but my time. You are not alone in the husband struggle. It is not pretty getting everyone out of my house to go somewhere and we are ALWAYS waiting on Garry.

Vernie said...

I feel you! I can get ready and get both girls ready by the time that Chad can manage to get ready. He thinks it is funny that act like the man rushing everyone around and he takes a long time getting ready.

Carrie said...

I'm with ya on the stressing part. I've vowed not to be the bah hum bug too! So far so good;-)but,it's still early:)

Deedra said...

Girl I know JUST what you mean! I love Christmas too but some days it can really get the best of me! Carter & I just finished decorating the Christmas tree tonight, and while it looks pretty terrible, he had a really good time doing it! I hope I never forget the way he is saying "Christmas" this year!

We are doing the same with Santa....really talking alot about him. And every single time Carter says "well, I NOT sit on Santa's lap either"...LOL

We'll see!

mom~of~4 said...

That is so funny. I was not naive enough to think that I was the ONLY one with hubby issues, but I did not know we were married to the same man! LOL.
On to the letter thing, every year when the girls were little and then when Rik and I married the boys too, they were 3,6,6,8 when we got married, so when I would have then write their letter we would “mail” it and then I would write them a letter back and put it in the mail box here for the girls and I would take the boys to their mom’s mail box so they could open it. It was great fun and they loved it!!
Good luck this year, sounds like we have all taken that secret vow to not let the craziness of it all overwhelm us!!
Merry Christmas.