Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 year Reunion

I know, I know, I am not old enough to have been out of school 10 years but next year it will be here.

Several of us are trying to plan a 10 year reunion and want it to be a good one, since we didn't have 5 year reunion.

Any ideas please let me know! I am up for anything. As far as, how to decorate, where to have it, and anything I wouldn't know as a first timer.



Jen said...

It was great seeing you guys at the hospital! I enjoy your blog. I posted some pics from the hospital on my blog.

Not sure about how much money you guys are looking at but the banquet hall at the new hotel in Rainsville is really nice. Also, many have "family" afternoon either the day of the reunion or the day before. That usually consists of everyone bringing a covered dish and meeting at the park so all the kids can play while everyone catches up with each other.

We had one of our's catered by James BBQ in Geraldine at they were fantastic! It really wasn't that expensive. I think it was about $25 a couple.. but that was quite a few years ago... lol I am the old one remember!

hope that helps

Anonymous said...

I just helped with Ider's Class of '88 20 year reunion a few weeks ago. There is a place on 301 (right before you get to the top of the mountain at Trenton) called Sunrise Farms. It is beautiful and holds up to 150 people. And I can give you the name of the caterer I worked with. She is the bomb!! To look at Sunrise Farms go to

Anonymous said...

Love the new back ground, Sis!!

One thing we did was sent out a questionaire with every invitation and even if they could not come to the reunion everybody got a copy and it let you no where they where at and what was going on with them. I loved it!