Monday, July 20, 2009



There is no time for blogging these days. Getting up doing the normal mommy duties and then basically outside until dark. My Aunt P and Uncle J gave the girls a little 4 wheeler and oh my gosh do they love it. It don't go fast at all but it is just fast enough for them. Alayna drives all over the yard and thinks she is so big. (she is such a good little driver) I think the wreck she had at 4 years old did her some good. lol
Aubree can even drive it... with mom right behind holding the pull string that cuts it off if she goes too fast. ( and she does) I am really getting tired of cranking and running after that little four wheeler BUT to see my little girls and the whole community have fun it makes me do it over and over again.

We have even grown our own watermelons this year (by accident). We picked our first watermelon grown on a concrete patio. Well, to say the least... looks are deceiving. It was white inside. (don't know what happened, it was huge and looked ready to pick to me)

Dwayne is building us a garage, BY HIMSELF, and with the help of any good friend that would be so kind to help. lol (hopefully with a little knowledge in carpentry work)

So far so good but still a lot to be done.
If we are not out in the yard we are probably swimming. This year I can actually sit back and watch them have fun and not be so hands on. Alayna has finally gotten over her fear and goes down the slide and off the diving board. SHE LOVES IT. Aubree goes all over with floats.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mary Kay

Most of you know that I sell Mary Kay but for those of you who don't...... well, I wanted to let you know.

I don't do much with it anymore besides sell to a few friends and family. I don't want to spend my time away from home selling it but I do enjoy it on the side.
I do love the products Mary Kay offers, it is always reasonably priced and very trendy.

I would love to have more customers, so for the month of July every new customer will get the choice of any item at 50% off with a $20.00 purchase and to all my customers, you can get the choice of any item at 50% off with a $5.00 purchase.

Also, for the month of July all eye colors and mascaras are buy 1 get 1 free.

Go to to check out all the new items. (tinted lip balm is awesome)

(you do not have to be local to buy from me, I don't mind mailing orders)

Thank you all and I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July. GOD BLESS AMERICA!