Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paw Paw Harold

This world was blessed with 89 years of a very very good man!!

This morning I was awoke to some devastating news. Paw Paw Harold had pasted away!
This has been a very sad day for our family. Even though, he was 89 years old and had lived a wonderful long life, it is still hard to say goodbye.
I don't know what will be harder........ walking in over at Maw Maw's and not seeing him at that kitchen table or walking in and seeing Maw Maw by herself at that kitchen table.
I can't help but worry about Maw Maw. Harold was her life. They cracked me up, how they joked and aggravated each other all the time. They laughed at each other and you could just tell they not only loved each other but loved each others company. They both are such an inspiration to me and so many people.

My Red Lobster biscuits will never be the same. Harold loved my biscuits! At every get together he would get him a napkin full of my biscuits before anyone else so he would make sure to have plenty. That made me happy :))

It was only a month or so ago that you would pass him on the road in his mini van making his daily trips to Wal Mart (for toothpicks or gum) or to Henagar to meet up with his buddies at the local gossip shop (Jack's) to have coffee or breakfast. I soooo hope if I make it to 89 that I am still able to drive and take care of myself like he did.

Even though, Harold was not my Paw Paw by blood but by marriage, I still considered him my Paw Paw. I knew him many more years than I did my other Paw Paw (Edgar).
I know, he considered all of us his kids and grand kids.

He loved us and we all loved him! I am thankful for him to have been in my life.

Please remember my family in the coming days as we say our final goodbyes.

Love you all (family and friends are everything)

Friday, February 20, 2009

fPhoto friday

These are some beautiful red tulips (my favorite flowers) that my hubbie surprised me with on Valentines Day!
Taken with Canon Rebel
Place: kitchen counter
Thanks Natalie for hosting!

Friday, February 13, 2009

fPhoto friday


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I AM STILL RED HOT FOR YOU!!! (lol, corny I know, thought it went along with the neon affect)

Thanks Natalie for hosting!

Friday, February 6, 2009

fPhoto friday

Thanks Natalie for hosting!
Taken with a sony cybershot.
Easy setting. Sepia tone.

25 Things you are dying to know about me.....right?

I usally don't take time to do these things but after reading Deedra's I thought it might be fun if I join in this time. So, here goes.

1. I put salt on lemons and suck the lemon dry after every meal I eat in a restaurant.

2. I laugh hysterically at things that happen to people when they could really be hurt. For example.... Dwayne fell in the bathroom the other night, I mean hard, on his hip and he didn't get up for a while. I think it took me 5 minutes to ask him if he was OK because I was laughing so hard. Every time I think about him falling I can't control myself to the point of tears.
I know, it's bad but I do care for the safety of other people as long as it don't cross me as funny.LOL

3. I can still do flips and jumps on the trampoline and off the diving board as if I was still 12 years old.

4. I once had a wreck in my own drive way. (when I was learning to drive)

5. I have headaches everyday.

6. I take Excedrin tension headache everyday before lunch to prevent it from getting worse.

7. I am a quiet and kinda shy person until you get to know me.

8. I have to get into my comfortable zone before I open up to people.

9. I have told a lot of people off in my 27 years. (remembering back in high school especially)

10. It takes a lot for me to tell somebody off and I usually dwell over it for a period of time.

11. If I know someone is upset with me I don't let it go on for long before I confront them and work it out.

12. I once inquired about a job with a crime scene clean up crew.

13. I can not stand being cold.

14. I take a shower in the morning and a bath at night.

15. Not that I am that dirty, I just enjoy baths.

16. I don't understand why somethings happen.

17. I like to try and figure out why things happen.

18. I would enjoy being a detective.

19. I have grown to accept that somethings are meant for us to never understand until we meet our Lord and Savior.

20. I have two brothers in heaven.

21. I love to watch NCIS with Dwayne.

22. I am not good with directions unless you tell me landmarks.

23. I would rather go out and eat than have to cook.

24. I have a drive to workout and get a rock hard bod. The problem is the drive only last 2 days max.

25. I am a God fearing women and still believe in miracles.

Here is my 25, now it is your turn. Tag you're it!