Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 08

I wanted to be a black cat but I think there was one too many out on Halloween this year.

Evil looking witch with her black cat. ( she really got into her costume)

Here we are, ready to go trick or treating.
This year was so fun, I didn't have to tote anybody around the whole time. They are old enough to actually know what Halloween is all about and really enjoy going door to door to get more candy.
We only had one cry the whole night. (that is good for us) We went to our normals first, my Maw Maw's and then through the neighborhood.
There is one house that most of you all know, that really goes all out.( I love it) Decorations in the yard, spider webs all over the porch and this year, 3 scary men sitting on benches out in the yard. (2 of them real) one of them was my nephew that has been waiting years to be big enough to scare the daylights out of people. ( well he did) My precious Alayna.
The scary men did not move a muscle when we walked up, not wanting to scare the little ones, so Alayna was convinced they were not real. We all walk up to the porch to get our candy when B. gets up off the bench and walks up slowly behind Alayna. I knew it was B. so I said Alayna look, well she freaks! Forget the candy! She made a few circles around her daddy, while holding back tears and ran to the car. The whole time I am saying, It's just B. She didn't care nor believe me. Dwayne followed her to the car and she lost it!!! She got in the car and I had to bring her candy to her. B. did a great job as a monster. I think if he didn't scare anyone else that night, he was pleased with Alayna's reaction.
Now Aubree, she loved the scary men. After we left, she kept saying, I want to go see the scary man. (Alayna yelling Nooooo!)

Oh, the fun of Halloween!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I know the house you are talking about. The scary man followed us one year, with Ally & Amber screaming the whole time. Poor Alayna. No wonder she was still emotional on Sunday.