Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Did anybody see last nights episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Yall, they filed for divorce. This can't be. I was so hoping they were gonna pull through and make good of a situation gone bad. If they would just confide in JESUS and get off TV I believe they could work through it. (that's just me not knowing the half of it but I do know Jesus can fix anything)
Awwww! My heart still hurts for that family. I hate that those sweet eight kids are going to have to go through this and most of it has been on TV. That is the saddest thing.
I have watched this show so much it kinda feels like a friend going through a divorce.
Pray for this family. Even though they are on TV they are a real family!


Kelli said...

I SAW!!!! I couldn't believe it either! It breaks my heart! I agree with you, Get Jesus and get off of TV!!

Deedra said...

Somebody needs to send them a copy of Fireproof and The Love Dare....and, does that bossy Kate have a sister? Cause she needs a good old kick in the toosh, in sisterly love of course, and somebody to tell her to keep her rear end at home and take care of her kids and family instead of globe trotting to promote herself...I mean, her books and her show.

Whew. Glad I got that out.

Wendy L said...

I agree Sister, you said it all right!! Jesus is the only fix!!