Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We have the best Dad ever!

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day and got to spend time with your father or special man in your life.

I know I had a great Father's Day. We spent the weekend at Weiss Lake and had a blast. To all who don't know about chestnut bay resorts you are sooo missing out. Go to and check it out. We stayed in a huge house that was big enough for all 15 of us. It was so nice to be with my Dad and my whole family this weekend.

It was so fun that we all decided we would rather go there than the beach next year.

A few highlights from our trip.......

Aubree almost went off into the lake on her bike. ( Thank goodness she wrecked and Uncle Brent was there to save her)

Mom and Dad flipped over on the jet ski as they circled the boat to get off.

David Hasselhoff a.k.a my husband jumped in to save them.

A few minutes later..... Brent,Carter,and Braxton do the same thing.

We saw an eagle's nest with four or five baby eagles sticking their heads out.

Me and my sisters all wrote Dad a little letter about what we have learned from him and the son in laws read them and Dad had to guess which daughter it was from. ( That was a tear jerk er but so special.)

I went down a 100 foot water slide.

That is just a little bit of our weekend. I hope we have many more of these to come. I truly love spending time with my family. We all have so much fun laughing and making fun of whoever says of does something stupid.

These little girls have an awesome Dad too. I am so lucky to be married to a Godly man that loves his family and his girls so much.


Kelli said...

What a great post and a great idea about the letters!! And the resort looks like tons of fun!!! I see a vacation there soon!!! Glad to hear you had a great weekend! Sorry we missed the was a crazy day!!!

Carrie said...

Yes, you have a good Dad. Praying for his upcoming surgery. Love you all!

We are wanting to check out that place too. Looks like loads of fun...right in our backyard.

Shaunta said...

I spent a lot of time on Weiss Lake growing up, but I have never heard of that place. It is beautiful! We will have to check it out. Love the letter idea. Glad you all had a great time with your great dad!

sharon said...

Holly I am glad that you all had such a good time. Check out your link. It is Chesnut instead of Chestnut. Families are supposed to be together & fabulous. You have a wonderful little family & a wonderful big family