Monday, June 8, 2009

Lake Winnie

We recently took our annual trip to lake winnie! We have been going for the past 3 or 4 years with a big group of friends and family. We always have a blast. It's a fun little day trip to let the kids or me ride rides until we puke. Well, this year it just worked out that I was the only adult except Whit ( thank goodness for energetic nieces)that bought a arm band and could ride all the rides with the kids. I am the lucky one that has a husband that gets nauseous on the tea cups (no kidding ) and the other husband (twin) is not so bad but the same. So they are useless!

All these years of riding all the fast, round and round, up and down rides and still in my twenties and the Elephants make me woozy! Whew! But I vow to never be as bad as the hubbies! I refuse!

Wouldn't you know Aubree's favorite ride were the Ephanus a.k,a Elephants. I went round and round so many times my head is still spinnin'.
Alayna and Sids favorite were the swings.
Just look at Alayna's legs, how long! Oh how it was just yesterday when her little legs barley hung down.

Sid was such a dare devil. She wanted to ride every ride there and insisted we ride in the spook house. I was like, sure go ahead....... then it come down to me to ride with her. Oh, No! What she don't know is I don't do good with spook houses especially, without my man by my side to squeeze his arm off the entire time. Well, I sucked it up and didn't let on that I don't want to go in that spook house with just a little girl to protect me. So, here we go arm in arm snuggled up in the center of that little car, we survived but she did admit when we came back into day light that the spook house was a bad idea..... I agreed.

Chain saws scare me even more than spook houses. Due to the trauma of my childhood LOL.

I am not sure how old I was but I still remember it to this day. We were at a spook house at a fire dept. and I had my whole family with me and my big Daddy walking with me through it and it still didn't help. The whole way through it, big scary people in really scary mask were jumping out at me and chasing us the whole way through and as I was to the end and thought I had did good to not cry... we were walking casually laughing about how scary it was and out of no where this chain saw cranks up right behind me and I don't think my feet hit the ground until I got to the car. I ran off and left Mom and Dad and whoever else was there. All I knew is that that scary man with a chain saw was not going to get me. I remember my mom and dad teasing me about not caring to leave them with the chain saw man.

Don't depend on me to save you from a chain saw man!


Elizabeth Hopper said...

OMG, I have such a similar story about the chainsaw man!! It was at the haunted house in trenton "the depot of doom" they used to have at the old depot station... we survived the haunted house and just as we were walking back to our cars he came chasing us... but i think it was my mom who left us for dead! lol.. Glad ya'll had a good time, sorry we didn't make it!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Thanks again for taking Syd to the Lake with y'all! She still talks about