Monday, October 13, 2008

Dwayne got Punked!

Most of you all know my husband and the way he is, I mean the prankster he is. He has never
met a stranger and don't care if anyone likes him or not. He is who he is and that's why I love
him. He has made me laugh since we met and roll my eyes ALOT!
We are totally opposites but hey Paula Abdul said opposites attract. HA
Not many people can pull a prank on him except my sister Mary Ann. (that is a whole diff. blog in itself.)

He has a co-worker that is just as devious as he is. She has been at the S.P. P.O. for about a year so I guess she has really gotten to know my hubby by now. (and how much he likes to run his mouth)
You can just imagine how much he has aggravated her over a year and all those poor other people that have to work with him everyday. I AM JUST GONNA APOLOGIZE NOW!
If you are not a big football fan then you are probably like me and dread football season. That is all that is on our TV for months. Don't get me wrong, I do like football but not on the level of my husband.
So, if you know my husband he lives and breaths Alabama Football. (especially, when they are
winning) :)
I can just hear him, every Monday morning,Blah Blah Blah Blah, about Football all morning long. Probably every morning at that. So, his co-worker S. (not a football fan) had enough of hearing football talk everyday. So, she shows up to work that Saturday of the big G/A game, talking big football and showing off her dressed up car with black and red on it. Of coarse, Dwayne goes off. Because she has not been a football fan up until this point and claimed to know nothing about football but now is claiming to LOVE the bulldogs. That's all it took for him to keep that jaw-a-flappin. Informing her of how bad Alabama was gonna win and all this crazy Alabama fan talk. I am sure they go at it for a while and the day goes by.......

Pictured above is what Dwayne comes in off the route to see. His black/green Bullet painted up in Georgia colors and as if that wasn't bad enough it said I LOVE Georgia. She even changed his Alabama tag on the front of the car to a Georgia tag!

He got home and called me outside to look at something and IT WAS THIS.

Evidently, she got tired of hearing all the football talk coming from D. and decided she would shut him up!

I thought it was hilarious. Way to go S. You got him good!


Anonymous said...

I am shocked he did not wash it before bringing it home!! How funny...sounds like he may have met his match!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Why did I not get the joy of seeing that?? I'm sending 'S' a virtual hi-five..:)))

Deedra said...

Now that is just priceless!!I can't believe he drove it home like that! I bet he took every back road he could!