Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dancing and Puking!

YALL DIDN'T KNOW MY MOMMA COULD DANCE! me neither. Well, that is not even my story.

A couple of weeks ago, which happened to be the Alabama/Georgia game, me and my family went to a wedding reception. This was a beautiful reception with lots of food and dancing. The kids loved it. They danced till they couldn't dance anymore. We thought they would all be passed out on the way home and we would have it made. (so much for thinking)

People involved: Me,Mom,Wendy,Rylie,Alayna,Aubree, and Carter.

So we are getting ready to go home and we all pile in my vehicle (yes we all fit, it holds 8). As, we crank up W gets a text from sister S because we have her son while they are out for her B-day. She says, make sure Carter has plenty of air in the car and don't watch a movie because he gets car sick. So, we are making sure Carter is ok the whole way down the curvy mountain and he is fine.
About half way down the mountain Aubree starts saying, momma my belly hurts. So, I play off like she either wants out of her seat or she might need to do #2. So, she says it a couple more times. I am saying, ok we will get out in just a minute because I planned on getting gas right down the road. Low and Behold this is the weekend that 1 out of 10 gas stations have gas. So, I go on down to the next stop which is several miles and right as I pull up to get in line to get gas she explodes. Rylie was sitting the closest to her and was thankful he was not in the splash zone. She was not joking. Her belly was hurting. So, here we are 1 frantic mother, 2 adults,4 kids and one big mess to clean up. As if this was not bad enough.
I get her out and start cleaning her up and look its my turn to get gas. So, I jump back in the car to pull up and what do you know, the dvd player had been on for a few seconds and now the battery is dead. Great!
So, this nice man on his cell phone next to me jumps me off after I interrupted his conversation (as if I cared at this point). Now, I move up, cut the car off, STUPID!!!! Not thinking it needed to charge and wouldn't crank back. As I was thinking W says OH NO! YOU CUT THE CAR OFF.
So, I am pumping gas trying to scope out the next nice person to jump me off AGAIN and the gas keeps cutting off. So, me and W think that it is not pumping any gas but still running up the bill. She goes in and tells them that it didn't give us any gas because the gas hand had not went up any. Note to self: A battery is what makes everything on the dash work, including the gas hand. So, when we got jumped off the second time we noticed the gas hand had went up, so we go back in a say oops, it did give us gas. SO NEVER MIND.
FINALLY, we are on our way. Aubree wearing C. vest. (Thank goodness he was dressed in layers) Aubree had to be buckled up beside me in the backseat while W drove. Because her carseat was not suitable to be sat in. I know you can imagine how the ride home went. Besides the smell! Praying we didn't have a wreck or get pulled over. We survived but I know you have got to be wondering where my hubby is at during all this.

BACK TO THE BALLGAME. He chose to go to some church friends house to watch the game with allot of other church friends. I tried to talk him into going with me but he said he felt bad to not go there because he had already made plans. I sure hope he had fun! I could have used his help.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

First, I am so excited to see your sweet mom dancing. And of course, I'm not surprised at all.:))

And secondly, I had no idea you experienced all this trauma while your husband was ragging us unmercifully during the Alabama/Georgia game. Believe me, I would rather he be covered in puke. lol

Love you Holly!

Anonymous said...

Ally used to get car sick ALL THE TIME!! We finally started carrying barf bags. Glad to see you have a blog! And really, it probably would have been great for Dewayne to be puked on!

Shaunta said...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh! That completely cracked me up! Yall will look back on that in a few years and it will be even funnier!

Welcome to the blog world!

Gena Weldon :) said...

I'm sorry you had this kind of day. But I have been there and done that girl and without my husband. He's never around for those moments:) God Bless him though for making it possible for me to be home with my boys.

We will survive and what women we will come out on the other side to be!!

Love Ya

Wendy said...

Sister Holly I didn't know you had a blog...we don't talk enough...could be there's always a kid or two between us! I have to agree...wish Dwayne could have been with us so he could have been puked on.....NO....on second thought I would have had to put up with him all evening....I'm ok with the puke without him! LOL!

Deedra said...

lol Wendy! I thought Dwayne seemed kind of quiet that night. He must have been feeling guilty knowing all the trauma you were experiencing! haha!

I have to say,(so far) we have only had a kid puke one time at our house. I was pregnant and almost threw Carter out of the bed when he started puking because I almost puked myself! Sooooo poor Kyle got the pleasure of cleaning that one up. You know I feel soooo!

Welcome to the world of blogging/free therapy!