Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Usually, I dread holidays. They are just to darn stressful and it makes me mad to have to tell my hubby what I want for every single one. (especially, Mother's Day) I figure after ten years he should know what I like by now or just give me the OK to go get what I want. And sometimes I don't want anything but time with my family.
I must say, he is getting much better. He took the girls shopping for gifts and I had a evening to myself! (peace and quiet is priceless, well, for a little while then I miss them.)
Alayna was so excited to tell me what she got me- Aqua globes. (ya know, the as seen on TV things) She has wanted to get me those for about a year now.
Aubree picked out a rose bush after she had to kick off her flip flops and run through the water in wal-mart garden center. I think they had a blast shopping with their dad! I loved my gifts!

This Mother's Day has been one of the best!
I am so thankful to have been given the chance to be a Mother. It is a gift that keeps on giving!
I love my girls more than they will ever know! I hope I can give them a life that they will look back on and be so thankful for.
I am thankful for my Mom and who she is and the life she gave me! (she's the best)

Love you Mom and thanks will never be enough for all that you have done and keep doing for me.


Cheryl said...

You are a good Mom and so is your Mother! I love her dearly. You have a great post today Holly. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Hope you have a good week! Love YA!

Leigh Anne said...

I always loved being at your house when I was a teenager. Your mom was always such a sweet, calm person. She always made me feel at home. I will never forget being there the day she went into labor with YOU. I was so excited. Of course it was just another baby to the Hammonds clan. Everybody went around doing there thing. She gave me and Mary Ann things to do to help her get ready to leave for the hospital. Your Dad was outside working and it was my job to go tell him that it was time to go to the hospital. I thought she would have you before they left, seemed like they just strolled around. I love your family!
Oh yeah, your hubby did a great job singing Sunday!

Wendy L said...

Your a GREAT MOM sis!! I'm very proud of you and yes we have a great mom and are so blessed to have her.