Tuesday, April 28, 2009


To all you Yard Sale freaks out there...... I am having, probably, the biggest Yard Sale I have ever had, this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There is going to be around 12 or more families participating. There will be lots and lots of baby clothes, boys and girls. There will we tons of women's and men's clothes all sizes and name brands. I have a infant car seat with matching stroller. Mom has a white baby bed,baby swing and stroller. There will be lots of toys. We will have new hairbows and new purses, also.

You name it and I might just have it sittin' in my front yard this weekend for sale.

All I can say is pray that it don't rain because we will have too much stuff to be able to cover it up.


Leigh Anne said...

Make some money girl!

Mrs. Watkins said...

Can't wait to come look through all your clothes! I may come during my planning period Thursday....lol.. and bring some other shoppers!

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