Wednesday, December 31, 2008



I hope you all have awesome plans to ring in the New Year but........... I don't. ha and I don't care. I am sooo enjoying myself. I have been in my P J's most of the day and now we all are lounging and most of us have clothes on. lol (I am talking about the girls not my hubby)
I do put clothes on my girls but if you just knew how most of our suppers at the kitchen table go you would understand.

Our night will go something like this, go to Bowen's to get a milkshake and bed by 9:00. Happy New Year!!!

Awww! The simple life. I am sure next year we will have something real important to go to. (fat chance)

Talk to you next year. HA HA. I know corny but I had to.


Deedra said...

Happy New Year!! Your night sounds just about like ours....except we had Cracker Barrel TO GO!..LOL

p.s. I'm very behind on my blog reading. Your Christmas decorations look awesome!!

Angela said...

check my blog...I tagged you!

Cheryl said...

I went to bed early also. I loved being home. I heard six of our church kids were saved last night! AWESOME......