Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 08

I must say we had a great one. It was rush, rush, rush but it was peaceful.

Santa was good to the girls and gave them most everything they asked for and for me and Dwayne.... we got a candy cane in our stockings. lol (better than last year)

This year felt more like Christmas as a kid to me. We had our Hammonds get together at Maw Maw's this year. The past few years we felt that we had out grown her house and that she would feel better if she didn't have to worry about anything at her house.
I think all went well and I hope having it at her house made her happy too.
Some of you may know that her mind has been slipping the past year or so. It is so sad!!
I love her so much and have so many good memories of her and being at her house. It is just hard to handle watching her slowing getting worse. She is still the same most of the time, with a great since of humor but she may repeat something that has been on her mind 5 or 6 times in a 30 min. span.
I am so blessed to have a Godly grandmother that loves her family and everyone else just the same.

Following Maw Maw's we went to my mom and dad's to let the kids exchange gifts. Aubree got the cutest baby doll ( 1 of 8 she got for Christmas). It is so lifelike. It drinks water, burps, goes to sleep and when woke up she cries real tears.
Santa brought her a life size barbie and I thought she would love it but it scared her instead. lol I guess it was just a little too life like.
Alayna loved her heely's even though she don't know how to use them yet.
This was a fun Christmas!!!!
I will leave you with a few pics of our Christmas 2008.

Tea party anyone????

Dwayne reading the Christmas story at the Chapmans.

Dwayne and his three girls.

She loves that baby.

4 generations.

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Angela said...

Your family is precious! It is great to see your grandmother doing well! I know you were thrilled to get to go to her house for Christmas!

Tell all ya bunches!