Thursday, October 22, 2009

Road Trip part II

Notice anything about these pictures?????????????????????
We have been car shopping for a couple of weeks for Dwayne a car. The black/green bullet has almost had it. (well at least for us) After, a few things going wrong we got serious about looking for him a car.
We looked all over the Internet, checked on wrecked cars and used cars. We found one on the Internet and did all the background checks on it and it seemed to be a good deal. We jewed them down to what we thought was a really good price. THE ONLY THING WAS IT WAS 400 MILES AWAY. We talked about it and decided to go and try to get it. We rented a car so we could ride back together.
So, Tuesday at 2 in the morning off we go to Dillon, SC to buy a car. We get there around lunch and immediately Dwayne is getting a bad feeling about this car. Well, he was right. It pulls up and looks great from about 15 feet away. I am wishing the whole time that this will turn out to be a good car.
Dwayne immediately finds flaws in the paint (that was not noted on the Internet), the hood had an inch gap on one side, one headlight was all scratched up and the rubber piece around it was coming off. I open the back door to look in the back and Dwayne notices that the seat is crooked. He lifted up and the whole seat came up off the frame. IT WAS NOT EVEN LOCKED IN. (They knew we were coming all the way from Alabama to look at this car, ya think they would at least have the seats bolted down) After all that, we still drove it. It drove good but there was an annoying sound coming from the dash like something was loose in there. The power mirrors did not work, the passenger door would not unlock. We raised the hood and there was a piece dangling. (don't know what that was) By this point we are thinking they should pay us to take this car but we kept our cool and told them we would go eat lunch and talk it over.
We go to the local pizza hut down the road and have absolutely no appetite at this point. We talk it over and I am trying to justify the car as much as I can and it just ain't working.
There was this nice man working there so I tell Dwayne to ask him if he knows anything about this place (where the car is at). He does and comes back and says well, he said he hears nothing good about them. ( now, i just want to crawl under the table and die) So, one man's opinion was not enough...... two nice men sit down right beside us and we ask them. They laugh....... yes they laugh. The one man looks just like Dave Ramsey! ( we are asking Dave Ramsey look alike for finacial advice and I am married to Dave himself. LOL) We proceed to tell them our story.... We are from Alabama and we saw this car on the Internet, we have been up driving since two in the morning, we get here and the car is not what we thought. They felt so sorry for us and I felt sooooooooo stupid.
Ends up one man works for the city and he said he don't know much about that place but he would not buy a car from them. The other guy spoke up and said what yall need to do is drive on down to the beach (myrtle beach) and enjoy the beach and look for a car somewhere else. They could not believe we had drove that far for a car. ( we couldn't either) The man that worked for the city came over to me as he was leaving and said.... mam, I am sorry you have drove this far but go enjoy the beach and I paid for you lunch. I almost cried. I don't know if I teared up because of how nice that man was or how embarrassed I was that he felt that bad for us to do that. LOL LOL
So, what did we do? We went and told them we were not taking the car and drove 70 miles to Myrtle Beach, stayed 30 minutes and started back home.
We drove back towards home and finally stopped in Madison, Ga because we couldn't hold our eyes open anymore.
The next morning we are refreshed but still disgusted that we drove all that way for nothing.
I can see it in Dwayne's eyes and he can see it in mine what we are thinking........ Dagummitt, we are buying a car.
We know of a place in Alpharetta that has some nice cars so we stop in and test drive a Maxima. That was the roughest ride I have ever felt. The steering wheel shook, my legs shook and the whole front end shook. we are sooo not buying this car!
We have given up at this point. It is so bad that Dwayne says he is gonna fix the black bullet and drive it until it dies completely.
Yall are gonna love this!!!!!!!!!!!!
We get home and I tell Dwayne to call Pop that buys and sells Altima's. He did. He had one and we are buying it.
It took us a trip to South Carolina to find a car in Ider. LOL LOL LOL
This is not the end of our bad luck.
I dropped my cell phone in the toliet and flushed it, it died and there is another 50 bucks we are out! Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pissssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I know you are wondering what was in the toilet, Piss!)
It's not over yet!!!!!!!!
We have been told by our yard man a.k.a. Paw Paw Gerald that we have a bulldog of some kind living in our garage. (ya know, the one with no doors) He mowed while we were gone and it scared him to death. It growled very mean like and he was scared. So, when we get back home we pull up and shine our lights in the garage and there he is laying there asleep. Man did he look mean. I get out and walk towards him calling here puppy puppy. (He ain't no puppy) I just thought he might like that better. He raised up and looked at us and went back to sleep. He was not going anywhere. He found him a nice big dog house and was not giving it up.
So, we call the police to see if they know a pound or anything that would come get him. They couldn't get one to come out but they did send the local cop on duty. He came and we all just stared at the dog. Nobody wanted to get close to it. Finally, after some talking they decided get close and spray it with mace if needed. I take the girls inside in case bullets go flyin!
They ended up spraying the dog until they were out of mace and finally the dog got up and walked off.
We have not seen it since and I hope we never do.
Finally our adventure is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamie said...

Well at least you and Dwayne got some time alone...ha (no sleep+stress and Jamie and I would have been fighting hahahaa) You did get to see the beach... and a guy did buy your all in all it wasn't so bad...right? hahaa
Sorry for the bad luck on the car! (You helped us learn about buying a car on the internet! ha)

Melissa Lea said...

I thought I was married to Dave Ramsey!!??!!??!!?? LOL! Glad youguys found a car!!!

Shaunta said...

LOL I hate that y'all had a trip like that, but I needed that laugh! Greg said just wait until he sees Dwayne though. . .

Elizabeth Hopper said...


I wish ya'll would have caught the whole thing on video.. ya'll would be buying me a car with all the millions you could have won!!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'M ROLLING!!!! LOLOLOL The phone in the toilet and the dog just topped it off...Girl, I hope you enjoy that new car and have a few uneventful days...:))))

Love yoU!

Arasu Groups said...

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Velmurugan Borewells said...

I enjoyed your blog and I Completely agree with you.