Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We have been hard at it for the last couple of days getting mulch,mowing almost 5 acres, and trying to make the yard look pretty.
After 10 loads of mulch, 3 trips to get it, and 2 aching bodies we finished all but the back yard.


I love mulch! It just makes such a difference in the way a yard looks but don't get me wrong ( I am not for hire) it is hard work!! I am glad it is a every other year thing for us.

Now, that the girls are a little older and I don't have to hold them and tend to there every need every 5 minutes, I can actually get in there and help Dwayne with all the yard work. I thought I had been doing a pretty d- a- r- n good job. I hooked and unhooked our trailer and went to get all the mulch with kids in tow. I threw mulch just as much as he did and I even spread mulch bare handed. ( I won't name a certain sissy man who must wear gloves to prevent his hands from getting dirty!)

Anyways, I was proud of myself, I thought I was really helping him out. Until, he made a little comment. We were talking yesterday about when he got home I would mow and he would mulch or vise versa. He says, well if you mow I want you to mow a little straighter than you usually do. Ummm??? Excuse me!!
I told him right then how that was an insult to me and he just better be glad that I will even mow the yard. (He is one of those straight line yard mowers, if you can't see straight lines and rows in the grass after you mow then you have done it all wrong.) Not me, I just mow the flippin grass!
I worry about stuff like are the kids eating healthy enough not if I can see lines in the yard. Just me though!!
So, I was mowing before he got home and the devil got a hold of me. he he!!
I mowed the front yard so nice and pretty to meet his expectations and then I saw my chance in the back yard to make some pretty designs. On about 2 or 3 acres I did a few figure eights, zig zags, and circles. I left it that way until he got home. I knew he would see it because it stuck out like a sore thumb. I laughed at myself all evening!

Do you know, he gave me no reaction! None whatsoever! I had to ask him if he noticed my designs. He said, yeah I noticed! He didn't think it was too funny.
I was going to write I love you in the grass but I am not that advanced in my yard designs yet.

Revenge is sooo sweet!


K. Tilley said...

Brian doesn't like my mowing so now he get's to do it ALL by himself!......well, now that Hayden is old enough he does it but Brian did it for several years by himself.......LOL

Anonymous said...

Garry could care less how it gets mowed. My dad was always the one that had to have it in a certain pattern. I love your style Holly...keep him on his toes.

Deedra said...

I love it! Deb's right, keep him on his toes! Your yard always looks so pretty, and I see you mowing it way more than I do him! I'm sure he'd love love it if you proclaim your love to every passerby by mowing "I love you" in the front yard sometime! LOL

Leigh Anne said...

Mow straighter than usual. Boy that brings back memories!! Kids are so funny about what they want to be when the grow up. Well, at one time Amanda had the aspirations of being a MULCH SPREDDER!LOL LOL Glad her ambitions are higher now! LOL

Your yard looks great!

Elizabeth Hopper said...

I've had ur yard put on a grid so that you can design it before u jump on the mower from now on! Bless your heart! You go girl!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...


I know how you can really get him...mow MY name in your grass..LOL I still need to get him back for the whole policeman/crying incident..:)))

Wendy L said...

I'll name that sissy!!! LOL

You should know by now to ask one of your big sisters how to get him!! Spray round up and write anything you will last longer!! Dang it, I should have done that one myself!!

Mary Ann said...

Good one Wendy! Round Up is a great idea. I'll look for a shrub in the shape of a donkey and we'll plant it in Holly's yard. We can put "To Dwayne from Lisa" using Round Up in the grass. Ha! Just kidding Lisa!!!